Oh I do like a nice testimonial…

In Your Own Words… How would you describe what we get up to, and what you get out of it?

We convene at a place unveiled the previous week. It might be a museum, a church, The British Library. Who knows? Or, it might be somewhere you’ve heard of or passed by but never visited. There will be something that immediately catches our attention as an exhibition or as a sight. But that’s where the story starts. Claire’s prompts are there to provoke and inspire, and there’s never just one idea behind them.  Suggestions, secondary visits, routes and red herrings abound. These sessions are such fertile hunting grounds for fascinating places and for sharpening our perceptions of London. It’s astonishing to get back to Mary Ward at 3.30 and to listen to everyone’s very diverse and imaginative pieces of writing, having all visited the same places.

Astrid Sutton Sharkey

About claire collison

Writer, photographer, creative facilitator, and breast cancer survivor, I am currently Artist in Residence at the Women's Art Library (WAL) My first novel was a finalist in the Dundee Book Prize, and my short stories and poetry have appeared in print and online. In 2015 I was awarded second place in the inaugural Resurgence Prize, the world's first eco poetry competition, judged by Sir Andrew Motion, Alice Oswald, and Jo Shapcott. This blog began as a space for words generated on my walking/writing workshops at the Mary Ward centre in Bloomsbury - Writing the City (WTC). WTC has since grown to include many other venues, including the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Barbican, the River Rom, Southwark Woods, Aylesbury Estate, and most recently, as part of Walking Women festival, An Intimate Tour of Breasts. I have worked with Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, as the recipient of the first Max Reinhardt Literacy Award, designing teaching resources; and for The Photographers' Gallery, helping school children develop visual literacy as part of 'Seeing More Things'. If you would like me to design a workshop or walk for you, please be in touch!
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1 Response to Oh I do like a nice testimonial…

  1. Thank you Astrid! I’m already planning the next series, so watch this space.
    And i’ll be posting some more kind words from previous participants on a page of Testimonials (coming soon)

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