Only Connect: curating the streets

Autumn ’15 WTC#6

For our final foray of the course, you are invited to invent your own series of connections.

We shall be visiting three galleries ten minutes apart. Each exhibition has its own themes (what connects one work to the next) but will also trigger your own associations. Include both in your writing.

The first, Dominique Levy at 22 Old Bond Street – Gerhard Richter’s colour charts –

Next, Ordovas at 25 Savile Row, where you will find Big Blue, a series of fine art works that are thematically connected to each other and to the sea.


And finally the Frith Street gallery on Golden Square, currently showing Dorothy Cross’ recent work, where she has forged connections about relationships between the body and time, and the human and natural world, using sharks and bathtubs….

dorothy cross

Dorothy Cross: Eye of Shark , 2014

Create your own logic for how these three shows are connected – find ways of linking them, using what you notice in the galleries and also between them.

 The journey between the three galleries is as relevant as the content of each.

So, you are invited to create a treasure hunt of noticed things – both in the galleries and between them – including street names and window displays and buildings and lights and people and overheard conversations….

See if you can find a way of making one thing lead to the next, so that you create a logic all of your own that connects everything.


Pick a colour and seek it out as you go.

Try to include some of the following –

Elements from the periodic table

A memory

An animal

Something ancient

Something threatened

Something transient

Something transformative

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The Lighted Window Sara Teasdale

He said:

“In the winter dusk
When the pavements were gleaming with rain,
I walked thru a dingy street
Hurried, harassed,
Thinking of all my problems that never are solved.
Suddenly out of the mist, a flaring gas-jet
Shone from a huddled shop.
I saw thru the bleary window
A mass of playthings:
False-faces hung on strings,
Valentines, paper and tinsel,
Tops of scarlet and green,
Candy, marbles, jacks—
A confusion of color
Pathetically gaudy and cheap.
All of my boyhood
Rushed back.
Once more these things were treasures
Wildly desired.
With covetous eyes I looked again at the marbles,
The precious agates, the pee-wees, the chinies—
Then I passed on.

In the winter dusk,
The pavements were gleaming with rain;
There in the lighted window
I left my boyhoodThere in the lighted window
I left my boyhood.”

Writing and pics from today’s prompt  will be on the page: Only Connect

About claire collison

Writer, photographer, creative facilitator, and breast cancer survivor, I am currently Artist in Residence at the Women's Art Library (WAL) My first novel was a finalist in the Dundee Book Prize, and my short stories and poetry have appeared in print and online. In 2015 I was awarded second place in the inaugural Resurgence Prize, the world's first eco poetry competition, judged by Sir Andrew Motion, Alice Oswald, and Jo Shapcott. This blog began as a space for words generated on my walking/writing workshops at the Mary Ward centre in Bloomsbury - Writing the City (WTC). WTC has since grown to include many other venues, including the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Barbican, the River Rom, Southwark Woods, Aylesbury Estate, and most recently, as part of Walking Women festival, An Intimate Tour of Breasts. I have worked with Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, as the recipient of the first Max Reinhardt Literacy Award, designing teaching resources; and for The Photographers' Gallery, helping school children develop visual literacy as part of 'Seeing More Things'. If you would like me to design a workshop or walk for you, please be in touch!
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