Writing the City with Mary Ward

Welcome to the blog of Mary Ward’s Writing the City course, started in the second term of what I hope will be many.

Firstly, the name: Writing the City – well, it’s a good name for the course – so good in fact that it had been nabbed many blogs ago. You’d think Bloomsbury might have been bagsied too, but evidently not, so voila, we’re writingbloomsbury from here on in.

What is Writing the City? For those of you who’ve just found this blog, here’s a short introduction:

Tuesdays, late morning, the WTC writers meet – if not exactly  stone’s throwing distance, then at least within reasonably easy walking distance from the Mary Ward Centre (bang in the centre of Bloomsbury). The destination for each week’s writing adventure has already been arranged, and sometimes prompts (nothing so dull as homework, but things to bring along or think about, etc) are given out ahead of the day. When we are all gathered – poets and fiction writers, beginners and experienced alike – then the day’s instructions and further writing prompts are offered. The group then splits up and goes off awandering and apondering, gathering notes and mulling and looking and  – who knows what, and *hopefully* sometime around about lunch time, the writing begins….

Later the same day, we reconvene at Mary Ward HQ, in a glorious chandelier-lit (really!) room, with big windows overlooking Queen Square. Over the next two and something hours we share what has been written, the self-same day – without any time for tidying up, editing or usually much self-censoring.

Why a blog? As time to share the words generated from the weekly wanderings and wonderings is so limited, I thought it would be nice if they had another home. And I wanted to share it, and  for you to be able to share it.

To the contributors – Just to be clear, I’m limiting contributions to writing produced on the day, tidied up if you like, but strictly these pieces (ooh, look, my first ever blog and I’m already getting bossy!) I’ll post some of the pics I’ve taken each week, and I’ll add whatever writing I am sent. Sent? Not uploaded? To begin with at least, let’s keep it old school – send me your writing as a Word doc, and I’ll do all the posting, thankyouverymuch. And make sure you do the spellchecking, cos I’m not editing! – although I might add a title if you don’t.

What else? Oh blimey, I don’t know. This is a learning process for me. Let’s see how it goes.

Hope you like it…



4 Responses to Writing the City with Mary Ward

  1. Annie Owen says:

    Well done, Claire. SO looking forward to reading all the wonderful writings I’ve so far only heard ( and I am very poor listener!)
    Annie O

    • Thanks Annie, and congratulations for beng first past the post submitting your writing! You can find it on the page ‘WTC#1 Valentines….etc.’ I shall add any more writing from Tuesday to that page, along with some more pics, and there’ll be a new page for each week of the course.

  2. Bobbie says:

    How do I contact Claire .. interested in course !

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