Mind, Body and the Euston Road

Prana in Euston

Body invited Mind, Mind directed Body and together they walked away from the green and white temple to physical health. Body never noticed that Mind had helped her five steps down, then right across Euston Road forty paces and up the steps. They left their baggage, preparing to enter the void. Mind reminded Body that she’d often left before at the insistence of an anaesthetist. And most nights they’d part for a period of rest and relaxation. Once, capriciously, Mind left for an entire day causing Body to work on automatic pilot.

“ What about those lucid dreams?” Mind reminded Body. “ And those pictures in front of your eyes that I gift you while you fall asleep? We work as a team.”

Up the stairs again, 10, 12, 14 and into the abyss. Pink nothingness. Mind games of stultifying smog. Yet, when pink cleared to blue it didn’t matter where they were. Body might have been in the clouds, – she’d found tranquility. Mind wasn’t needed.

“Birth, sickness, ageing and death flow ever onwards” said the Mahasidda. “A river without a ford or a boat. Have you prepared yourself a boat?”

“Ah, Mind,” said Body, “we must start our preparations. Build a boat. Find our prana. We’ll sit in an empty room together and concentrate on the flames of the fire in the grate. Then, we will listen to the great violin partitas. When the fire goes out we’ll light a candle, and we won’t feel cold.”

“One day, we’ll sit in an English garden not moving our eyes, not even to look at the tulips. The blackbird will sing to us, and that will be enough.”

“Or, we’ll sit by a waterfall seeing just one drip in the torrent and that will be enough too.”

“Breathe in, breathe out” Mind replied. “No time wasted, only time invested.”

“Body,” said Mind, “are you well?”

“Yes, Mind. I am well. And even though I cannot see you I think I sense the meaning in your soul.”

Astrid Sutton Sharkey