Spring #1 Lubetkin’s Spandrels; Frost Fairs; Gray’s Inn Gardens

Nothing’s Too Good For Ordinary People

The spandrels should shine as beautifully as the hair of a beautiful young girl in the summer sunshine. (Lubetkin, on the Finsbury Health Centre)

SAM_1395 bench grey's inn SAM_1038 SAM_1093

Water bottle story

The garden was full of people eating their lunches, enjoying the early spring sunshine.  She held the bottle of water in her hand and walked in looking for a place to sit.   There was a young man occupying half a bench, she sat on the other half.  The young man was talking on his phone.  The conversation seemed quite intense.  He got up and walked off not wishing to be overheard.

She suddenly felt very thirsty again.  She got out the bottle of water and tried to open it, the cap wouldn’t budge.  She turned to the man who was now sitting on the other half of the bench.

“Excuse me.  Can you help me with this bottle, I can’t open it.”

Years later he asked her.  “Did you do that on purpose that business with the water?”

“No I really couldn’t open it and I was suddenly incredibly thirsty.  I didn’t even actually look at you till you were holding the bottle.”

He opened the bottle with difficulty and handed it back to her.

“Thank you.”

She looked at him for the first time and thought he looked kind, like someone who would understand.

Evelyn O’Callaghan

 grey's inn bossy

Grays Inn Gardens notice

Gray’s Inn Gardens

Adult members of the public may use the gardens between the hours of twelve thirty and two thirty

They may use the law

At their own risk

No children allowed then, but one little

girl runs across the grass

all the same.

Arrowheads of light in her hair

Nobody moves her on

Nobody takes responsibility

How delightful

Freer love here than in a playground.

Jessica Lerche



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